Here You can download the distribution for your version of ARCHICAD.

Distributive Version ARCHICAD Lang   Downloaded Updated
LabPP_AutomatAC16x32INT v16 win x32 int Download 4 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC16x32RUS v16 win x32 rus Download 6 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC16x64INT v16 win x64 int Download 4 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC16x64RUS v16 win x64 rus Download 6 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC17INT v17 win x64 int Download 2 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC17RUS v17 win x64 rus Download 3 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC18INT v18 win x64 int Download 3 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC18RUS v18 win x64 rus Download 5 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC19INT v19 win x64 int Download 2 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC19RUS v19 win x64 rus Download 7 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC20INT v20 win x64 int Download 3 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC20RUS v20 win x64 rus Download 9 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC21INT v21 win x64 int Download 7 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC21RUS v21 win x64 rus Download 16 06/15/18
LabPP_AutomatAC22INT v22 win x64 int Download 5 07/03/18
LabPP_AutomatAC22RUS v22 win x64 rus Download 3 07/03/18

If You have a troubles, guide how install add-ons read there.
All distributions equipped with temporary (demo) keys. So You can work in full mode.