int excel_select_range(string rangename)

To select a cell or group of cells in the current Excel spreadsheet

int excel_putstrvalue(string svalue) Record into the current table cell Excel a text value
int excel_putnumvalue(string svalue) Record into the current table cell, Excel numeric value
int excel_attach() Attaching to current instance Excel
int excel_detach() Detach Excel
int excel_request(string command,string par1,string par2, srting par3); To execute a command with parameters
string excel_getstrvalue(); Consider the text value of the current cell in Excel
double excel_getnumvalue(); Consider the numeric value of the current cell in Excel



Copies the buffer contents of the current cell together with the cell format (color, font, etc.).


Inserts into the current position cell contents that have been copied by the previous command.


To create a frame around the selected cell.

excel_request("set_column_width", string letter_column, string width);

To set column width in Excel.
letter_column is the drive letter of the column (In column B, "B:D" - columns B through D);
width - the width of the cell.

excel_request("workbook_select", string workbook_name);

Make current file workbook_name.

excel_request("sheet_select", string sheet_name);

To make the current table sheet_name current file.

excel_request("set_backcolor", string excel_color);

To set the background color of the current cell of the Excel spreadsheet:

"lightgreen" light green
"yellow" yellow
"red" red
"orange" orange
"green" green
"blue" blue
"lightgray" light gray
"gray" gray
"darkgray" dark gray