LabPP_GenPlan solution for quick and convenient work with images of substrates and transformation of vector data in ARCHICAD.

LabPP_GenPlan provides the following features:

- increase or decrease the brightness of the substrate (good for painting on top of the image);
images of substrates are simultaneously displayed in 2d and 3d window (optional);
the scaling of the substrate in size;
- create pictures for the substrate based on the object "picture" or from a file;
- automatic connection of the library, images can be stored inside the object substrate directly with the project;
- installation of up to 8 reference points;
- on/off surface object so that only its visible reference points (useful for combining multiple substrates);
- convenient on/off layer of the substrate;
- group scaling and transformation vector data (elements of polylines, lines, 3d meshes, hatches, morphs, etc.).
- simplified method of batch zoom elements move vertex transform of the quadrilateral;
 professional cartographic methods fit vector of the reference point based on the smallest mean square deviations of first and second degree;
- the possibility of transformation only certain areas on the basis of allow and deny masks;

LabPP_GenPlan is a software addition to CAD ARCHICAD included with the library element substrate LabPP_GenPlan.gsm.


Scan or photograph drawings, sketches, and plans, and save the file.
Or you can cut the image directly from the screen and pasted into the 2d plan in the form of a "picture"object.
Automatically from the "picture" object LabPP_GenPlan creates your object.
Through the use of a set LabPP_GenPlan these photos can be easily connected to the project so that they become visible in 2d and in the 3d window.
The brightness you can dim to better see the lines and other elements in ARCHICAD or draw on top of the substrate.

LabPP_GenPlan in 2d or 3d window

The picture select the item, the length of which in nature is known. Enter the scale mode of the General plan. Click the mouse at the beginning and end of this element, and then enter its length.
After this simple operation, the program LabPP_GenPlan will automatically adjust the size of the image to match the scale of the project 1:1.
Not have to worry about how to connect the library and watch where are the files of the General plan. Image files and the object of the General plan can be stored directly in the project, so that when copying they are always on the spot.
In addition, the underlying entities have the ability to store up to 8 reference points. At this point it is convenient to position and vzaimoraschety objects of substrates.

LabPP_GenPlan object edit dialog

At the right moment you can turn off the objects of the substrates so that they do not interfere with other operations.
The object substrates are automatically placed on its own layer. So that during operation it is possible to switch off all the layer elements directly from the panel LabPP_GenPlan.
Despite the changes in the sizes and proportions of the object substrate reference points maintain their position.
LabPP_GenPlan saves time when working with projects and allows you to concentrate your creative powers.
The program is easy to learn and easy to use.
Indispensable in cases when it is necessary to operate in 2d and 3d, with two or three substrates (satellite picture + old geosemka + sketch, etc.) or you need to scale or fit the variety of existing elements (lines, polylines, 3d meshes, morphs, etc.) in size, or base points.